Disruption is here, are you ready?

Welcome to Healthcare Disruptors!

The time is now.  Disruption has arrived.  Are you ready?

Our goal is to make sure you are well equipped for these transformational changes.  In healthcare, you will either adapt or get disrupted.  We will give you the tools, knowledge and connections to lead the way on this journey of disruption.

Technology has changed almost every aspect of our lives, from shopping to transportation. The smartphone continues to breakdown the walls of the office, making complex computing available anywhere and anytime.  But despite the incredible amount of money Americans spend on healthcare, many treatments are decades old.  Our founder, Brenda Hopkins stated in a recent interview: “healthcare is absolutely the last major industry to be disrupted.”  And from that statement, Healthcare Disruptors came to life.


Here you will meet the many diverse players that are disrupting the status quo, launching new start ups, developing life-changing technologies and building companies that will turn the healthcare world upside down.  You’ll meet their leaders and get insights into their future, arming you with the knowledge you need to navigate the disruption that we are in the midst of now.  We are always interested in learning about new healthcare startups so if you’re one of them, drop us a line.  Check out our Twitter feed to the right to see what’s new in the space and follow us to stay current.

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That's the most expensive homebuyer cost of all-time.

In comparison to other time periods:

$2,754/mo - Today
$1,418/mo - 2020 Pre-Pandemic
$1,577/mo - 2006 Bubble
$1,060/mo - Dotcom Bubble

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