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2018 Healthcare IT and EHR Conferences and Events

We often get asked which Healthcare IT and EHR conferences are the best. I always reply that it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. Plus, many people are interested to know which Health IT conferences we’ll be attending so they can meet us in person. We’ll keep updating this page with the latest Healthcare IT and EHR events and which ones we’ll be attending. Where we have discount codes to attend, we’ll list those as well.

2018 National Health Policy Conference

February 5-6, 2018 | Washington D.C.

This is an important event for policy experts and those in charge of making health care decisions based on the most currently available evidence. Your practice will gain insight into the future of healthcare policy, the nature of coverage and the challenges that are coming. You’ll also learn about how the experts are defining research requirements to help us evaluate and improve policies.

Agents of Change Summit 2018

February 12-13, 2018 | San Diego, CA

The goal of the annual Agents of Change summit is to “establish the field of behavior change marketing as a catalyst for positive social change.” Professionals will be on hand to detail their evidence-based strategies that are known to foster change and what technological tools are best to help drive changes in health behaviors.


March 5-9, 2018 | Las Vegas, NV

This major event, the HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition is promoted as bringing together more than 40,000 clinicians, executives, vendors, and health Information Technology professionals to hear speeches from key figures in the field and gain exposure to the latest in health IT products. Get caught up on topics ranging from data analytics to privacy, security, and that all too important cybersecurity.

Patient Experience Conference 2018

April 16-18, 2018 | Chicago, IL

If you’re in the mood to network with some serious healthcare professionals to learn more about advancing your practice’s own efforts to improve the patient experience, this conference is designed for you. You’ll discover strategies and hear about new solutions to better engage with your patients as you network with fellow attendees.

IHI Annual Summit

April 26-28, 2018 | San Diego, CA

The main idea of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s annual summit is to focus on how attendees can improve patient care in their practice as well as in the community. More than 800 health improvers from practices from around the world are slated to attend more than 50 workshops, keynote presentations, and learning laboratories. Come here to network and share knowledge about solutions for improving outcomes in office practices.

2018 Health Datapalooza

April 26-27, 2018 | Washington D.C.

Organized by AcademyHealth, the 2018 Health Datapalooza is presenting itself as the gathering place of choice for individuals and organizations who are driven to create knowledge from data and to pioneer innovations that will influence how practices function and to change health policy. Learn how to improve health care by harnessing technology and data, which involves collaboration between industry and the public health sector.

The 15th Annual World Health Care Congress

April 29-May 2, 2018 | Washington D.C.

This year, the World Health Care Congress brings together the decision makers ranging from government, payers, providers, and pharmaceutical organizations. Executives from Lockheed Martin, BlueCross, New York-Presbyterian, UPMC Health Plan, and Essentia Health are the featured speaking faculty. The event is designed to help participants form partnerships and become catalysts for change as they seek to transform the way we deliver healthcare.

Public Health Informatics Conference

August 20-23, 2018 | Atlanta, GA

The growing use of informatics to help public health scientists and researchers is leading to a need for healthcare professionals to understand how to best use this data. Tools to help you obtain data and then apply it to improve health outcomes will be a major topic of interest at this conference.

Unless you have an unlimited travel budget and sufficient time to explore all the various healthcare events and conferences in 2018, you’ll have to make an informed decision about which ones are best for you to attend. And keeping this information in context will be easier when you read ongoing reports about industry developments. Our blog is designed to provide this healthcare information to you in easily digestible posts. To stay current, click here to subscribe to the blog.


1. Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

The Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit brings together more than 300 entrepreneurs, investors, payers, providers, and policy makers to discuss how innovation is being adopted, the technology payers are willing to support, and government and academic leadership’s views of the future.

At the summit, you can learn things like how to measure the success of a digital health startup from experts such as Katya Hancock, the director of strategic partnerships at StartUp Health. Panels tackle questions like which chronic conditions present the greatest opportunity for investors, and where are the differences in deal flow and syndication by region?

2. Digital Health Summit

This four-day conference held at CES brings together thought leaders and executives in the electronic healthcare space to talk about everything from meaningful use to tele-health systems. Speakers run the gamut from athenahealth VPs to global directors at L’Oreal.

3. Exponential Medicine San Diego

Exponential Medicine brings together faculty, innovators, and organizations for a four-day biomedical and technology conference exploring technologies that are reinventing the future of health and medicine. Topics range from alleviating needle pain to Psilocybin and mystical experience research.

As part of the conference itself, you can enjoy beachside yoga sessions in the morning and chat by bonfires at night at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego.

Ed MacBean, the senior manager of market development and population sequencing at Illumina, said of the conference: “I came to Exponential Medicine a little skeptical, but leave with my head exploding with thoughts, ideas and inspirations, the result of an intriguing collection of brilliant colleagues, aspirational startups, engaging and diverse presenters organized in a truly unique experience.”

4. Health 2.0

Silicon Valley’s answer to the healthcare technology question, Health 2.0 showcases “cutting-edge innovation that’s transforming health and health care.” Speakers and panel moderators (including California’s lieutenant governor and the director of digital strategy for Pew Research Center ) handle topics including wellness apps, big data, and digital diagnostic tools.

5. Health:Further

Health: Further is one of the only deep-south conferences aimed at the healthcare trifecta: established organizations, start-ups, and investors. It was created by Nashville business accelerator Jumpstart Foundry, and last year was co-sponsored by Vanderbilt’s Center for Healthcare Market Innovation (CHMI). “We need to understand the new customer in health care and leverage lessons from industries which have been successful,” said Professor Larry Van Horn, co-founder, and co-director of CHMI. “The Consumer Summit at Health: Further advances this conversation.”

Last year’s early bird admission went for less than $200, making it one of the cheapest tickets on this list. The conference packs a lot into two days, offering 140 speakers and a pitch competition along with multiple networking sessions and live musical performances.

Speakers like Dr. Oz offer their take on the latest in healthcare innovation. The conference’s Eventbright page states “We  are the inclusive, forward-thinking, innovative healthcare channel that Middle America’s healthcare professionals need to stay relevant.”

6. Health IT Summit

A series of annual events put on by the Institute for Health Technology Transformation across 11 U.S. cities, the Health IT Summits address issues from dealing with meaningful use guidelines to using EMRs for population health. CIOs from prominent hospitals and health networks, as well as presidents and founders of health technology companies form the series’ large slate of speakers.

7. Hospital and Healthcare IT Conference

Photos from HPC17

Photos from HPC17 (via Twitter)

A smaller conference of 100-200 attendees, this event—put on by Health Connect Partners—is aimed at executive-level hospital and healthcare providers. The intimate setting focuses on networking and educational sessions, as well as a “reverse expo” for talking with solution providers and learning about new health IT options.

8. Medical Informatics World Conference

Medical Informatics World is a two-day conference for senior executives and “industry leaders” in healthcare, biomedical sciences, health informatics, and IT. Its five concurrent tracks cover population health management, data collaboration, telehealth integration, global healthcare systems, and sensors for medical use. Speakers run the gamut from the CMO of Caremore Health to the CIO of Beth Israel.

9. NYC Digital Health Forum

NYC Digital Health Forum

NYC Digital Health Forum’s 2017 event banner

Though this event, run by the New York eHealth Collaborative, focuses on healthcare in New York, the topics covered and speakers present are relevant to HIT professionals, doctors who run their own medical practices, and any office or hospital staff dealing with tech issues across the country.

With keynote speakers like Aetna Digital’s Saquib Rahim covering topics from EHR implementation to AI and VR in healthcare, this event is not to be missed.

10. Stanford Medicine X

Medicine X is a project out of Stanford University focused on “patient-centered innovation” and investigating how cutting-edge healthcare technologies can improve the practice of medicine.

Hosted on Stanford University’s campus, Medicine X has two annual conferences, one in the spring and one in the fall. With speakers presenting on everything from “peer-to-peer healthcare” to social media strategies for healthcare, these conferences are sure to keep any hungry technologist satisfied.


The three events below don’t belong on the above list because they’re either invite-only or limited by specialty. Nevertheless, I wanted to flag them in case you meet the event criteria.

1. Forbes Healthcare Summit

Recommended by, the Forbes Healthcare Summit covers everything from making healthcare and medication affordable to entrepreneurship and world health. The summit is invite-only and limited to 200 CEO leaders from pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, and biotech firms. Researchers, insurers, and providers talk genomics, VR in medicine, and more.

This summit is attendees’ best chance to ask controversial figures in medicine (such as Martin Shkreli and Elizabeth Holmes) burning questions during audience Q&A sessions.

2. Government Health IT Conference and Exhibition

While targeted at healthcare IT workers employed with or contracted by the government, this five-day conference is valuable for anyone working in HIT in the U.S. Organized by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), this event includes presentations on topics such as using big data with patient information and how recent policy changes will be implemented.

The HIMSS is a giant organization with 52,000 members, and its conference is jam-packed with workshops, courses, presentations, and break-out sessions covering health IT law, healthcare informatics, and EHR interoperability topics, among others.

With speakers including sitting senators, former speakers of the House of Representatives, HHS employees, CEOs of major corporations, and two sharks from Shark Tank, this is a must if you want to learn about how government intervention is changing healthcare.

3. Primary Care Winter Conference

At the Essentials in Primary Care Winter conference, family practice and internal medicine physicians join nurse practitioners and physician’s assistants to brush up on diagnosis and care, diagnostic guidelines, and evidence-based interventions and treatment strategies while earning 20 CE credits.

2017 Conference and Event Schedule

Note: Due to high demand for our attendance at events, we’re unable to attend every event we’d like to attend. However, if you’d like hire Healthcare Disruptors to cover and/or speak at your conference, feel free to reach out to us on our contact us page and we can discuss details.

CES 2017 – January 5-8, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV – This has always been a great event to attend, but over the years it’s really become a must attend event to see what’s happening in consumer digital health. Plus, the associated Digital Health Summit is full of really amazing content and speakers for those of us that care about more than iPhone cases.

HIMSS 2017 – February 19-23, 2017 in Orlando, FL – It’s HIMSS. It’s our home. We’ll be holding the New Media Meetup at HIMSS again along with a number of other great events. In fact, you can find all of the HIMSS 2017 meetups we’ll be participating in. Everyone is welcome to join us at these meetups and engage in some great discussions on the hottest healthcare IT topics out there.

Health IT Marketing and PR Conference 2017 – April 5-7, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV – This is the premiere event for Healthcare IT marketing and PR professionals. We’re quite biased towards this event since we organize it, but it really is a unique event focused on the healthcare marketing and PR industry. We’ve got something really special planned for 2017. Use the promo code: HITrocks for a special Healthcare Scene discount to the event.

Trends and Experiences in Healthcare IT and EHR – May 7-9, 2017 in Dubai, UAE – After 3 extremely successful workshops in Dubai, I’m heading back to teach another 2 day workshop on healthcare IT in May. It will also include a new pre-workshop course on EHR selection and implementation. We have 2 sponsorship slots available for healthcare IT and EHR companies interested in the middle east.

Our Take on Important Healthcare IT and EHR Conferences
Note: We’ll keep adding to this list as we discover new events.

International CES (Consumer Electronics Show) – Always happens at the start of January in Las Vegas. This is an enormous show with a large and growing digital health section. The real challenge with CES is cutting through the noise (there’s a lot of it). However, it’s also an amazing event since so many people attend. Plus, you can get a flavor for what’s happening outside of healthcare that could be applied to healthcare.
CES 2014: 7-10 January, 2014 – Las Vegas
CES 2015: 8-11 January, 2015 – Las Vegas
CES 2016: 7-10 January, 2016 – Las Vegas
CES 2017: 5-8 January, 2017 – Las Vegas
CES 2018: 10-13 January, 2018 – Las Vegas
CES 2019: 10-13 January, 2019 – Las Vegas
CES 2020: 9-12 January, 2020 – Las Vegas
CES 2021: 7-10 January, 2021 – Las Vegas
CES 2022: 6-9 January, 2022 – Las Vegas

HIMSS Annual Conference – This is the top health IT user conference with usually well over 1000 healthcare IT vendors exhibiting and about 30,000 attendees.
2015 – Chicago – 4/12-4/16
2016 – Las Vegas – 2/29-3/4
2017 – Orlando – 2/19-2/23
2018 – Las Vegas – 3/5-3/9
2019 – Orlando – 2/11-2/15
2020 – Orlando – 3/9-3/13

SXSW – Healthcare is a small slice of what happens at SXSW, but they have a whole campus dedicated to healthcare IT solutions.
2015 – Austin, TX – 3/13-3/22
2016 – Austin, TX – 3/13-3/17
2017 – Austin, TX – 3/10-3/19
2018 – Austin, TX – 3/9-3/18

Healthcare Marketing and PR Conference – This is the first conference ever focused on Health IT Marketing and PR professionals. Initially focused on Healthcare B2B marketing, but looking to expand to healthcare marketing to patients.
2015 – Las Vegas, NV – 5/7-5/8
2016 – Atlanta, GA – 4/6-4/8
2017 – Las Vegas, NV – 4/5-4/7
2018 – Chicago, IL

HFMA ANI – This conference is focused on the hospital CFO (or as one attendee said, a bunch of accountants). This is a great event if you deal in the business and financials of healthcare.
2015 – Orlando – 6/22-6/25
2016 – Las Vegas – 6/26-6/29
2017 – Orlando – 6/25-6/28

AHIMA Annual Convention – AHIMA brings together HIM professionals. This conference has a lot of discussions around records management, compliance, RAC audits, and other issues effecting the HIM community.
2014 – San Diego, CA – 9/27-10/2
2015 – New Orleans – 9/26-9/30
2016 – Baltimore, MD – 10/15-10/20
2017 – Los Angeles, CA -10/7-10/12
2018 – Miami, FL – 9/22-9/27
2019 – Chicago, IL – 9/14-9/19

Health 2.0 – This conference features a mix of healthcare IT startup companies together with large healthcare IT companies that are trying to apply the latest healthcare IT technologies. Being in the bay area it’s a very startup centric event where how much money you’ve raised is your best business card.
2014 – Santa Clara, CA – 9/21-9/24
2015 – Santa Clara, CA – 10/4-10/7
2016 – Santa Clara, CA – 9/25-9/28
2017 – Santa Clara, CA – 10/1-10/4

MGMA Annual Conference – The MGMA Annual conference is a great place to meet with practice managers from across the whole spectrum of healthcare. The show has packed sessions and an exhibit floor which is quite similar to HIMSS, but without the craziness.
2017 – Anaheim, CA – 10/8-10/11
2018 – Boston, MA – 9/30-10/3
2019 – New Orleans, LA – 10/13-10/16
2020 – San Antonio, TX – 10/25-10/28

CHIME Fall Forum – This is the premiere event for hospital CIOs and other healthcare CIOs. CHIME does a great CIO forum during HIMSS as well, but their Fall Forum is their big annual event with the largest number of hospital CIOs I’ve seen anywhere.
2016 – Phoenix, AZ – 11/1-11/4

**NOTE: The Connected Health Symposium has merged with HIMSS’ Connected Health Conference (listed below) starting in 2017.
Connected Health Symposium – This event is put together by Partners Healthcare and brings together some of the best digital technologies. Being in Boston means that you get a lot of the great healthcare technologies from places like MIT, Harvard, and the surrounding healthcare IT community.
2014 – Boston – 10/23-10/24
2015 – Boston – 10/29-10/30
2016 – Boston – 10/20-10/21

AMIA Annual Symposium – AMIA is the academic home for informatics and the Symposium is the leading scientific meeting for biomedical and health informatics research and practice. I’ve never attended the vent, but have heard many good things about it.
2014 – Washington DC – 11/15-11/19
2015 – San Francisco – 11/14-11/18
2016 – Chicago – 11/12-11/16
2017 – Washington DC – 11/4-11/8

TEDMED – Think of TED, but applied to healthcare. The event strives to expand your thinking and take you beyond the practical realities of your job and inspire you. It’s a great event with inspiring presentations, but comes with a hefty $5k price tag.
2014 – Washington DC and San Francisco – 9/10-9/12
2015 – Palm Springs, CA – 11/18-11/20
2016 – Palm Springs, CA – 11/30-12/2

RSNA – This conference is focused on radiology technologies and is bigger than the HIMSS conference.
2014 – Chicago – 11/30-12/5
2015 – Chicago – 11/29-12/4
2016 – Chicago – 11/27-12/2
2017 – Chicago – 11/26-12/1

Connected Health Conference (Formerly the mHealth Summit and Connected Health Symposium) – This event is the merging of two conferences that were both purchased by HIMSS. Normally held in DC, when they merged with the Connected Health Symposium, Joseph Kvedar and his team made the case to at least hold the 2017 event in Boston. Plus, Joseph Kvedar has taken over as Program Chair. We’ll see in 2017 how this event evolves.
2014 – Washington DC – 12/7-12/11
2015 – Washington DC – 12/8-12/11
2016 – Washington DC – 12/11-12/14
2017 – Boston – 10/25-10/27

Healthcare IT and EHR User Conferences

Allscripts – ACE – Allscripts Client Experience – #ACE14
Amazing Charts – Pri-Med Live CME Meetings
Aprima – Aprima User Conference
athenahealth – athenahealth User Conference – #athenahealthUC
Cerner – Cerner Health Conference
Corepoint – Corepoint Connect
Craneware – Craneware Summit
CureMD – CureMD User Conference – #CureMDUC
eCW – eClinicalWorks National Users Conference
Epic – Epic UGM
FDB and Zynx – The FDB & Zynx Health Conference
GE Centricity – CHUG – Independently Organized
gMed – gMed User Conference – #gMedSummit2014
Greenway – Engage 14 – includes Vitera and SuccessEHS – #GreenwayENGAGE
Healthport – HIM Educational Summit
HL7 – HL7 Annual Plenary & Working Group MeetingGenomics Policy Conference
Intelligent InSites – INSITES Build
McKesson – InSight365 – Independently Organized
McKesson – McKesson Health Solutions Conference – #MHSC2014
Meditech – MUSE – Independently Organized
Modernizing Medicine – EMA Nation – #EMANation14
NextGen – NextGen Nation
NTT Data – NTT Data Client Conference
Sanotron – Interface Digital Health Summit
Siemens – Innovations for Healthcare IT
SRS Soft – SRS Annual User Summ



Stanford Medicine X is a multifaceted program that represents a new way of solving health care’s most pressing problems. Sown in the fertile soil of Stanford University’s rich academic resources; germinated at the grassroots level by passionate, imaginative people; nurtured in the high-energy, risk-taking environment of Silicon Valley, Medicine X is an innovative way of re-imagining digital health, medical education, clinical research, new health care venture formation, and the future of health care.


September 25 — 28 / Santa Clara

Grow Your Health Care Technology Network and Discover The Latest Innovative Trends

Join more than 1,500 of your health technology peers at the 10th Annual Health 2.0 Fall Conference on September 25-28 in Santa Clara. This year’s event will feature more LIVE product demos, speakers, company launches, breakout sessions, and more – not to mention the best networking opportunities in health care tech today.


Health 2.0 is the place to see cutting-edge innovation that’s transforming health and health care today, plus the best minds share their insights on compelling panel discussions, keynotes, breakout sessions, and workshops. Don’t miss this year’s keynotes including: Health Futurist Ian Morrison, Harvey Fineberg, President of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and Karen DeSalvo, Head of ONC, and many more.


AdvaMed 2016 | October 17-19, 2016 | Minneapolis Convention Center

AdvaMed 2016 is the leading MedTech Conference in North America, bringing more than 1,000 companies together in a uniquely multifaceted environment for business development, capital formation, innovative technology showcasing, world-class educational opportunities and networking. An event rich in international flavor and featuring a deep, diverse attendee list that includes influential policy-makers, business executives and media, AdvaMed 2016 seeks to advance industry discussion from key perspectives through detailed panel sessions, executive forums and more. It is a “must-attend” event for any medtech company. Whatever your goals may be, you are sure to accomplish, and even surpass them, at AdvaMed 2016.

Future conference dates can be found here.

Why attend? Check out this video with footage from last year!




25th CHIME Fall CIO Forum with date + location

The Premier Event for Healthcare CIOs. The Forum provides valuable education programming, tailored specifically to meet the needs of CIOs and other healthcare IT executives, as well as face-to-face time with colleagues to collaborate, exchange best practices, address professional development needs and strengthen partnerships with industry associations, government agencies and vendor service firms who share a professional interest in improving the quality, safety and cost-effectiveness of healthcare.

CHIME16 represents our 25th Fall CIO Forum, and in recognition of this momentous occasion, we’re pulling out all the stops! This year’s event combines the best speakers and healthcare IT educators in the nation with unparalleled opportunities for CIOs and Foundation partners to network with their peers and collectively share solutions, solve problems and address challenges. In honor of the 25th Fall CIO Forum, we are planning some extra-special guests, activities and events. Mark your calendar to join us in sunny Phoenix to network, learn, relax and celebrate 25 years of CHIME’s Fall CIO Forum.

December 5-7, 2016 * New York City

MedTech Impact Expo & Conference 2016 Las Vegas  December 9-10, 2016

The Tarsus Medical Group is pleased to announce a new and innovative conference and exhibition, MedTech Impact, which gives physicians and hospital administrators the ability to learn best practices and view the latest emerging technologies of innovative medical equipment in the medical field. MedTech Impact is geared toward doctors and hospital administrators and will focus on the latest topics in the medical community, including MedTech equipment and MedTech devices.

Located at the Venetian Las Vegas in December 2016, and co-located with the 24th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine, this cutting edge event promises first rate educational sessions and a state-of-the-art exhibit hall with the latest technologies you need to stay ahead in medicine. This one-of-a-kind event is a must attend in 2016 for anyone looking for the latest trends transforming the medical community.

Discover the 2016 Digital Health Summer Summit at BIO
June 6-7, 2016
Moscone Center | 747 Howard Street | San Francisco

HXRefactored 2016  APRIL 5-6 2016, BOSTON

HXRefactored is a revolutionary conference that focuses on improving health experiences through technology and design. Gathering more than 600 cross-disciplinary thinkers and practitioners and through an inspired mix of thought-provoking talks, workshops, and discussions, HxRefactored applies design, science, evidence, and theory to re-imagine the entire health journey, and find new ways to

actually deliver that vision.




HIMSS 2016   Transforming Health through IT


Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS)
33 West Monroe Street, Suite 1700, Chicago, IL 60603-5616
Phone: 312.664.4467 | Fax: 312.664.6143


Vator Splash Health

Tuesday, February 23, 2016 from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Oakland, CA



Preview 2016’s Biggest Health Care Risks and Trends

2016 Outlook on Health Care: Understand Enforcement Trends and Mitigate Risks


Thursday, January 28, 2016
3:30 PM – 5:00 PM PT
Reception to follow
Bloomberg L.P.
Pier 3 Embarcadero, Suite 101
San Francisco, CA 94111
 Essential perspectives on the post-ACA health care landscape where agency regulatory actions will continue to shape the industry in 2016.

As a bonus, all attendees to this 90-minute, interactive, CLE-eligible session will receive a complimentary copy of our special report: Health Law Reporter’s 2016 Outlook.

RSVP now to hear from experts and get practical insights on:

  • Day-to-day implications of federal and state regulation and enforcement priorities.
  • Keeping health information secure and private.
  • Department of Justice (DOJ) goals and Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) rules that impact your health care clients and their business.
  • Forthcoming health insurance market changes and provider realignments.
  • How the health care industry will be impacted by new DOJ guidelines on corporate conduct and liability.
  • The Top 10 Health Care Issues for 2016 as analyzed by Bloomberg Law’s health law editorial team and get a copy of Health Law Reporter’s 2016 Outlook special report.

This Outlook Event will be hosted by Bloomberg Law editorial experts.




At CES Janary 6-9, 2016  Las Vegas, NV

Digital Health Summit features innovations in the fast-growing health technology industry. You’ll see firsthand advancements in genomics, diagnostics, wearables, telehealth and more. The mobile health market alone is expected to reach $26 billion by 2017, so this is your opportunity to discover how to capitalize on this hot market.

Top Three Topics:

  • Data in action: Predictive analytics take center stage for a “tour” showcasing big data’s transformation of healthcare delivery.
  • Super genes: Two of the world’s renowned healthcare experts join forces to share significant scientific genetic discoveries.
  • How digital health saved my life: This can’t-miss session brings patients sharing awe-inspiring stories of technology’s life transformations.