From a user’s point of view, their main concern is usually centered around the usability and functionality of a product or service. They want the product or service to work well, be easy to use, and meet their specific needs and preferences. Users are also interested in the price, quality, and reliability of the product or service.

On the other hand, executives are focused on the overall performance and profitability of the company. They are concerned with things like revenue growth, market share, and cost reduction. Executives are interested in creating a sustainable business model that can drive long-term success.

While users may have specific demands and preferences, executives are focused on creating a product or service that appeals to a larger customer base and generates profits for the company. Executives may make decisions that prioritize the company’s interests over the user’s interests, which can sometimes lead to tension between the two groups. However, in order for a business to succeed, it is important to strike a balance between meeting the needs of users and achieving the goals of the company.